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                About Us
                Ganfeng LiEnergy is a subsidiary of Ganfeng Lithium, an A+H share listed. Our products include solid state batteries, consumer batteries, small polymer batteries, power batteries, and energy storage systems, covering more than 20 specific types under these 5 categories. The battery capacities range from mAh level to hundreds Ah level. Ganfeng LiEnergy has first-class R&D teams and advanced product R & D line, and its products have entered the supply chain of many well-known brands.
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                Main Production Facilities



                Covers all types of Lithium battery products


                Covers numerous specifications

                Our Products
                Solid state Battery
                High performance with high safety standards, helping international car companies,
                consumer brands and battery manufacturers to realize solid state technology
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                Power Battery
                Electric cars, boats, forklifts and mopeds, etc.
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                Consumer Batteries
                Phones, portable batteries, tablets, laptops, drones, plane models, etc.
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                Energy Storage System
                For base radio station, wind/solar/hydrodam energy storage projects,
                large-scale plants, commercial systems, family homes, etc.
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                Battery Recycling
                Supports recycling for all types of battery, provides a comprehensive solution to battery waste.
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                Life Cycle Overview

                Ganfeng Lithium’s business include upstream resource extraction, midstream lithium salt processing and Lithium metal refining, downstream lithium battery production and battery waste management, etc. Our products have been applied to electric cars, energy storage, 3C products, chemical and pharmaceutical fields, etc.

                Ganfeng LiEnergy technology Co., Ltd.

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